Before arriving to your appointments it is important to prep your hair and skin well. Please bring any photos of inspiration with you for makeup and hair. If you have clip-in extensions you would like us to use please bring those as well along with any hair accessories.


-Cleanse your face the morning of and arrive with no product. We will apply moisturizer before beginning but you are more than welcome to apply a moisturizer of your choice before arriving. Please avoid any moistuizers with SPF as it creates flashback in photos

-If you exfoliate regularly make sure to do so the night before, a mild exfoliator will do. We do not encourage you to try new products in case of a reaction


-Hair should be washed the day before and blow dried smooth. Do not wash the same day as damp or freshly cleaned hair will affect the way it holds curl. If anyone has naturally oily hair that falls limp quickly they can wash their hair the day of but it must be 100% dry before we arrive

-If anyone has really curly or frizzy hair it is helpful to blow-dry hair straight the day before.  If we have to straighten or blow dry hair before curling we have to charge $25 for the additional time

-We recommend washing and drying your clip-in extensions especially if they are brand new to avoid silky hair as it won’t hold curl.

-Make sure your clip-in extensions are 100% real hair. We recommend using or